Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Don't Count Romney Out Just Yet

Guys, I get it. I really do. At this point, it’s far easier to assume the furrowed-brows, deep concern, righteous Tweets, and even indignant Senate floor speeches are all just convenient political theater, followed by lining up like good soldiers and doing whatever POTUS wants. Why wouldn’t you feel that way? That’s exactly what we’ve all been shown by Jeff Flake and Susan Collins for the last two years, why would this “I believe 47% of Americans are entitled,” ultra-rich Mormon from Utah with a binder full of a women and a dog on top of his car be any different? I get it. I’m not asking you to become Mitt Romney’s biggest fan, but I am asking you to have a *little* faith; I firmly believe this *is* going to be different. 

Of all the current GOP Senators, Romney is perhaps the best-poised to lead the anti-Trump charge. Even as a junior Senator, his job-security is ironclad; he won 65% of the vote in his Senate election in Utah, compared to the 45.9% Trump carried the state with in 2016. Romney is also 71 years old; he will be 77 at the end of his Senate term, so unless he is the primary option in 2020, he won’t have any Presidential aspirations. It’s also worth pointing out that Romney was more popular in a presidential election than Trump; Romney won 47.2% of the national vote against Obama in 2012. Donald Trump won 46.1% of the national vote against Hillary Clinton. This was before the Trump Russia scandal was public knowledge and prior to Trump’s approval rating hovering somewhere just above the toilet.  

If I’m correct about Romney — and I think I am — he won’t be leading the GOP anywhere they don’t already want to go. I’ve said since the midterms that the GOP is souring on Trump. Almost to a man, his most ardent defenders slander him mercilessly behind closed doors. They don’t want to be known as the party of Trump, and Romney gives them a well-respected, establishment figure to rally behind. Politically, this really doesn’t matter to me, aside from getting rid of Trump faster. I’m done with the GOP, at least for the foreseeable future. The way they sold their souls for some SCOTUS picks and normalized Trump for two years is far too much for me to forgive anytime soon.

I’ve been tagged in the photo of Romney dining with Trump approximately 3,872 times in the last two days, and while I understand it looks bad, I don’t find it as disturbing as some of you. To borrow a common refrain: politics makes strange bedfellows. For better or worse, this is the way DC works. Bitter rivals often become tentative acquaintances — or even allies — after contentious elections. I didn’t vote for Romney in 2012, but I don’t believe he would have been a bad POTUS. If he weren’t running against Obama, he probably would have won. I also think he would have made a pretty good Secretary of State, or at least a far better one than we have thus far seen in the Trump administration. He’s no fan of Russia, going as far as to call them out as our number one geopolitical foe long before many realized the danger they posed. Now, as an incoming Senator, he’s done something no one else (who isn’t already leaving office) has, or will: he let Trump and the public know that he plans to be a check on his power. I think he will surprise many of you. Hell, I hope he will surprise many of you, and not just because I *really* don’t want to eat all the crow I know you’re prepared to serve me if he doesn’t. Do I expect him to come in and immediately start calls for impeachment or resignation? Or to vote against Trump’s agenda because he hates him? Of course not. But I do expect for him to be the most crucial voice for Justice on the GOP side when Mueller’s report is released. I firmly believe the rule of law Republicans will coalesce around Romney and he will be the catalyst for crossing the 20 vote impeachment threshold.

I've said it before, but it's important to say again: political differences shouldn't make any of us enemies. Remember, before I joined Twitter, I was a long-time just-right-of center-Republican who realized the GOP was leaving me behind. I believe most of you consider me an ally; it shouldn't be any different for the never-Trumpers or the first ones to publicly split from Trump and/or the official party line. When every vote matters, it's unwise to shun potential allies. This doesn't mean absolve them of all their sins, but we should all find a way to work together where we can. I honestly look forward to a time when we can again argue over the nuances of individual or party politics, but can we put that aside for now and save our country first?


  1. Thank you for this. I think we've been so shocked and horrified that we want to see things as black and white, forgetting that nuance exists - and that we can work with those who aren't our carbon copies. When we learn that? And act on it? We'll be stronger than we've been in years.

  2. I am still skeptical. We'll just have to wait and see what happens I guess. I hope we don't have to wait too long - I would like to see tRump gone by next Thanksgiving. Not in too much of a rush, because I will enjoy the Dems torturing him for a while first.

  3. I hope you are right for the sake of our democracy surviving.

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  5. I'm skeptical but open minded for all the reasons outlined.

    Also, that pic of Romney and trump at dinner was over 2 years ago. Sure, Mittens wanted SoS. However, I doubt Romney thought trump would be as incompetent,unhinged and destructively vile as he is. Now Romney knows. We'll see where it goes beyond the op-ed.

  6. I don’t get CNN, but just read comments from those that saw Tapper’s interview with Romney. If he supports the wall with U.S. paying for it more giving him the benefit of the doubt.

  7. I think you missed your real calling as a writer. This piece was well thought out, cogently explained to everyone reading it. And the content was exceptional. I'm seeing a side of Romney that I hadn't expected. Thank you for all you do to inform us (with a side of humor) desperately needed.

  8. If Romney doesn't crawl into the woodwork as soon as Trump tweets a childish moniker for him, you may just be right. I have a hard time trusting anyone in the GOP right now.

  9. Thanks for the share.. I hope he continues to speak out and not be the flipper he's been in the past.

  10. The GOP is not olny a captive of Trump, it is also a captive of the extreme right. The NRA, the radical anti-abortion zealots, the vapid, vacuous and now proven morally bankrupt evangelical right, and neo-confederate racists, all are the tail that wags the Republican elephant. Romney is a remnant of a GOP that does not exist any longer. He can crow and moan all he wants, but he will vote for all the stupid, dumbed down, repeal of modernity crap McConnell throws his way.

  11. I get what you're saying, but at the same time I can't help but think of MLK's speech about white moderates:

    I think it's about time we had a more progressive leaning president(Kamala Harris would be my #1 pick).

    I think Romney would've made an OK president and i'm glad he's calling out Trump, but it'll take more then just nice words for anyone in the GOP to win me over, they also have to do some actions to prove they aren't full of hot air(I.E. Susan Collins)and Romney better be leading the charge for impeachment.

    1. I'm 100% beside you in your comment, and with your 1st Choice for president, Kamala Harris. I believe our country needs her, to get back on track.
      She stands very strong in her beliefs in what is good for the American people.

  12. I hope you're right, but talk is cheap (as Susan Collins shows us every day). I'll join you in waiting to see what happens.

  13. I'm agnostic on Romney and I do mean agnostic. It's not just the left that hates him, it's the Trump people as well. People should also realize that politics is still politics (Trump or no Trump), it doesn't hurt to come together when dealing with important issues but in the end we can't agree on everything. That's just how it is. Liberals cannot expect conservatives to default to the left anymore that conservatives should expect vice versa. We're going to have to do more than just deal with Trump, we must learn to coexist with each other.

  14. But what if he chokes? People say he's a choker.

  15. You got me with When every vote matters, it's unwise to shun potential allies. Wars aren't won when the strategy is to make more enemies, so I'll keep my mind open. Grumpy, but open.

  16. I like the idea, merely because a divided GOP is a Democratic win.
    That said, I don't see Trump actually running, because it's my belief he'll resign, this year.
    In that event, it'll be 1976, all over again.

  17. I agree 100%. In fact my suggested scenario: Pence out, Romney replace. tRUmp out Romney replaces.

  18. Here's the only problem with the analysis: Romney wants to be president, and he's demonstrated that he will say anything to win it. He doesn't have many discernible principles, including a belief in authoritarianism (which the christian right confuses with principles). But it shows the weakness of trump's position: if you want to know the way the wind is blowing, watch the weather vane.

    Here's hoping the wind blows harder.

  19. I'm struggling with this. I get that being anti-Trump doesn't mean someone will suddenly vote with the Democrats. But we have enough current examples of people who talked tough, but voted for things they knew did not reflect their values. Like the tax cut. And let's not forget Jeff Flake voting for Brett Cavanaugh, even though Flake admitted he believed Dr. Ford.


    I'm hanging onto hope, and you are helping. Some days all I can think of is Mitt's willingness to say anything to be president. And I worry that we are always the one asked to put our differences aside while some of these guys just keep on bloviating.

    However, I think you are right. The only way through this is to remember that we are all in this together, and together is the only way we will get out of it.

    P.S. I'm still counting on you to be right about those 20 Republican votes if it comes to impeachment.

  20. Bravo... as a never-Trump, center-right moderate myself, patriot and American first, this needs to be said and said again. When the house is on fire arguing about who's responsible is meaningless - just put the d@mn fire out first! Giving partisan litmus and purity tests before agreeing to work together to oust the Kremlin plant only serves Putin... let's save the Republic first, and maybe then when the smoke clears we'll again have the _luxury_ of debating policy nuances. I know we all look forward to those days again.

  21. I just wanted to comment that I appreciate you leading with Mitt's binder of women and dog on the car, that's really two of the things people think of (outside of his being Mormon which I don't know why that would be a concern). Also tagging you with pictures of Trump and Romney dining together. How would one even go about declining a meeting with the President-elect? That would be bizarre.

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